I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit recently because we’re in the midst of packing and moving. We’re just about packed up now and I just need to clean the lounge and we’re done. We’ll be able to relax a bit tomorrow before the big move day on MONDAY.
Can’t really think straight so I’m going to use bullets:
·         We were originally going to move today but then there was a mix up about the dates, so now we’re moving Monday. This is a pain because we don’t really have many people to help us move on Monday as people have to work so I’m a bit worried about the heavy things going down three flights of stairs. However it does mean we get one last Sunday at church which is nice.

·         We went down to Cardiff on Thursday to look round the house and buy some furniture. The house is looking great! They’ve put in a new kitchen and bathroom and painted throughout. They haven’t replaced the {threadbare} carpets which is the only down point, but we’ll live!

·         So far we’ve bought a bed, a dining table and chairs and a fridge freezer. It’s a bit terrifying spending all this money but exciting too. The bed and fridge won’t be delivered for a week though so it’ll feel like we’re camping for a while!


·         I don’t feel too stressed, but it’s all really surreal. I want to get on with the move and just get it done, but it hasn’t really sunk in that we’re not going to be coming back home to our flat in Aberystwyth at the end of it. We’re going to live in a city! AH.
I don’t know when we’ll have internet again. Our phone company says Tuesday, but I’ll believe that when I see it. I still have photos from the Cotswolds to post, and of course I’ll be posting pictures of the new house.
See you on the other side friends.


  1. Moving is scary, but exciting. Good luck with everything and I'll definitely want to see pictures when you get everything in order.

  2. That bed is SOOO pretty! Grown up furniture is so cool. We don't have grown up furniture in our bedroom. Just our couches in our living room. Good luck with your moved move. I hope you get enough help to not kill yourselves :)

  3. Hope all goes well today and you settle in really quickly! x