Finally, an update!

I’ve been so bad at updating! This is just a little post to catch up news before any more days pass by…
- This week has been really busy, which is good because it’s helping us settle in. I’m feeling much better than I was this time last week. Thanks to all the people that have sent messages of support after my little rant last post.
I’ve been discovering back streets, paths and the buses so now I don’t feel quite as trapped as I did before. It is possible to get around without having to drive too much.
- I’ve met up with lots of people and made some new friends. I’ve been to several events at church and today I went into the office to help with some stuff there. I’m forcing myself to get out of the house even though Josh is in college all day and say ‘yes’ when people invite me to do things.
We went bowling last night and I’ve got people coming round for dinner tonight, Friday and Saturday! I’m too busy to feel homesick!
- I’ve been offered two temporary jobs! Both are admin based and not too far from my home. I originally thought one of them was a permanent part-time post and was really disappointed when I found out it was only temping as it seemed perfect for me.
I’d really prefer a part time post because I’d like to do some volunteer work for a couple days a week and also invest more time into getting to know people. From experience I know how hard it is motivate myself to do these things (and simply to find the time) when working full time.
I’m still in the process of applying for a team administrator job, but I don’t know if I want to do it because I’d have to commute and it’s full time; it just doesn't give me that 'spark' of excitment that some of the jobs I have applied for have done. I’m just praying that they like me at these temping jobs (I start tomorrow) and that they find enough hours for me to do two or three days a week. We’ll see!
I’ll try and update with a decent post soon.
P.S I’ve set up a facebook group for the blog because I was getting sick of clogging up my personal newsfeed with blog links. If you want to get Dreaming of the Country updates on your facebook feed click on the ‘like’ on the sidebar or go here.I’ll be doing a giveaway just for facebook group members sometime next week! (i.e. please join so I don’t feel like a sad loser with no friends!)

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  1. So glad you're feeling better about things. You'll get to love it there - I promise!