What I'm loving...

I spent ages yesterday writing up a post for our Aberystwyth Bucket list and then I came back to post it and Blogger had lost half of it. ARGH! So frustrating…so you didn’t have a post yesterday and you’ll have to wait a little while longer to hear of our Bucket List adventures.
I guess the lesson is, always save your work outside Blogger!
Anyway, as you know we’re back home for this week and I have come to conclusion that I have lost the ability to live in normal life.
I think everything has been so relaxed for a month and half that it has been a shock when we’ve jumped back into busy Aberystwyth life where there are deadlines, and forms and bills and people to see, and things to organise. I feel really stressed out!
I know it sounds ridiculous and pathetic, and yes I just need to get over it but…
It’s a tough life not being on holiday J
Because I feel a bit sad and packing is getting me stressed it’s a perfect time to count my blessings and recount what I’m loving this week:
1. Remember the giveaway I won months ago? Well my prize has finally arrived!
Love this beautiful apron so much! I think it screams Vicar’s wife, don’t you?
2. Two of our friends are getting married this weekend so lots old university friends are up visiting at the moment. It’s going to be great catching up with them.
3. I applied for the job I posted about the other day even though it was stressing me out. You can applaud now if you want. Thank you, thank you.
4. I’m seriously loving meeting all the new people dropping by my blog recently. I hope you’ll stick around, and make sure you leave your link so I can catch up with you too.
5. It’s my birthday in two days. EEEK!
6. Even though packing is stressful I LOVE de-cluttering. I am in such a ruthless mood at the moment when it comes to getting rid of things. It’s addictive! Are you good at de-cluttering?
7. I’m loving my sweet hubby SO MUCH. We were so busy before we went on holiday, especially with him working nights, it has been amazing to be with each other all the time over the summer and remember why we actually like hanging out with each other!
I’m going to miss him a lot when he starts at university in September. 
I love this photo - I think he looks like he's pretending to be Animal from the muppets!
That’s me…what are you loving today?
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  1. Hahah I moved a bit over six months ago and I did end up getting quite ruthless. There were so many garbage bags full of stuff. Some things had never left the garage from the last time I moved, and it felt very freeing to finally chuck those things out! :)

  2. A wedding and your birthday! Yay! :o)

    Before moving into my current house, I had changed apartments 7 times in 10 years. I am normally a bit of a hoarder, but I always found moving the ideal opportunity to purge!

  3. WOW you have lots of things to love!!
    I think that last picture is so funny!! I love it!!

  4. Great post! Very encouraging. Even though you're probably WAY stressed out and have a ton to do, you're finding the positive bits in your life. Fun! And that apron is SOOO CUTE!

  5. nice apron! im also getting married on October and i got so much in mind nooooowwwww.... busy indeed like you.

  6. Great things you are loving today!

  7. YAY! Congrats on it almost being your birthday :) Can't wait to celebrate with you! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!