Wedding A-Z {anniversary edition}

Today, 4 years ago I married my best friend. I’ve seen this Wedding A-Z going around on the internet so I thought it would be a good way of remembering our special day.
A = Attendance
I think we had just over 100 of our friends and family to our afternoon reception and a couple dozen more came for the evening dance.
B = Bridesmaids

I went simple with the bridesmaids – just Josh’s sister (who was actually my friend before I even knew Josh properly!) and my 4 year old niece.
C = Cake
The cake was made by my mum and decorated by one of our friends from church.  She made the most BEAUTIFUL sugar flowers and butterflies cascading down over the three tiers. I loved it! It was also really hard to cut – hence the picture!

D = Dress
My dress was one of the first I ever tried on. I didn’t even like it when it was on the hanger; I just tried it on to see the colour, but once I put it on I really liked it.
It had a sweet-heart neck line and a long train with lots of beaded patterns.

E = Engagement
We got engaged on 5th August 2006. At the time Josh and I both had holiday jobs in shops opposite each other in the town where I parents lived. We used to meet at closing time and go for a walk or something to eat. On this day I was really tired and a bit grumpy, but Josh suggested walking along the river for a couple of miles to go to a pub for dinner so I agreed. However, when we got there we found that there was a village dance/fete going on and everywhere was overflowing with people, and a quiet pub meal was out of the question. By this time I was really hungry and tired…the date wasn’t going well! After walking quite a bit further we eventually found a quieter pub to eat in.
After we had eaten we walked back along the Exe Estuary as the sun was setting and Josh proposed at our special spot overlooking the water.
F = Flowers
I didn’t really know what I wanted for our flowers so I mostly just let the florist do her thing, and I was really happy with the result! It was quite traditional with some Butterfly Orchids thrown in to match our butterfly theme…I also had some orchids in my hair.

G = Groomsmen
Josh had one of his friends from University as his best man and three other ushers. I’m sad that all my official wedding photos are up in Aber because I have some hilarious ones of these guys!

H = Honeymoon
We didn’t go far for our honeymoon because I hate driving and Josh couldn’t drive at the time. We spent a week in North Devon and a week in Cornwall. The weather was amazing and we had a wonderful time.
I = Invitations
I loved our invitations but I don’t know why decided on such a labour intensive design. As I’ve said we had a butterfly theme and our colour was red. The invitations had a 3D butterfly on the front that had been embossed onto red paper. Oh, it took ages…but it was worth it!
J = Justice of the Peace (you can tell this thing is American!)
My brother is a minister and so he was able to lead the service and be the one of marry us. I loved that as it made it more informal and made everyone much more relaxed. He also gave the best wedding sermon I have ever heard, and not just because it including him eating KFC in the middle of a wedding service! (you can read about it here).

K = Keepsakes
We didn’t do wedding favours. It was something that I didn’t want to do just for the sake of it and as I wasn’t inspired by anything original we decided not to do them.
L = Ladies Night
I didn’t have a big ‘do because all of my university friends were spread round the country. Instead I spent a weekend with my sisters and we went to a spa and generally enjoyed being girly. I loved it!
M = Music

I walked down the aisle to Ludovico Einaudi’s Stella del Mattiano (listen to the YouTube clip – I love it!). In the evening we had a barn dance with a live band. I’m really glad we did that because it got everyone involved and having fun!
N = Newlyweds
These are my favourite newly wed photos!

O = Old, Borrowed, Blue & New
Didn’t really do this…!
P = Photographer
We managed to get quite a good deal with our photographer but all her photos were hard copies which I have in an album at home. However most of my favourite photos were the candid ones taken by my friends. My friend Jerry got some awesome shots that the photographer missed (most of the ones in this post are his).
Q = Question Popping
We’d talked about getting married so Josh’s proposal wasn’t really a surprise. We chose the ring (a gold band with three diamonds) together and I absolutely LOVE it! I have child size hands though (size I) so I had to wait for ages for it to be specially made smaller for me!

R = Reception
We had our reception at a private stately home called Escot House. It was really good for our guests because there were several rooms, and the terrace and lawns for people to mingle and walk around. We had a Hog Roast in the afternoon and a buffet in the evening. I was so nervous I think I only ate one piece of crackling all day!


S = Shoes
I didn’t want to wear heels because I wanted to be comfortable, so I got a pretty pair of flats on sale for only about £15. Bargain!
T = Trash the Dress
It’s currently hung up in my parent’s house. I am planning to sell it at some point, but that takes organisation!
U= Unique
One thing I loved about our wedding was our wedding car. As you will know if you have hung around this blog long enough, both Josh and I love the country life so we had a Landrover Defender as our wedding car.
They even brought a little mini electric version which the children (and big kids) loved!

W = Weather
The weather was overcast and cloudy all day up until our wedding at 1pm when the sun came out and it was beautiful and hot for the rest of the day. It was perfect!
X marks the spot
I wanted to do something different for our wedding guest book so instead of having a book I laid out a large sheet of paper and asked people to sign round the edge and then turned it into a photo frame. Now we can see people’s messages every day and not just when we remember to get the book off the shelf.

Y = Yes!
The service and the vows were the best part of our day. I cried during the vows. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help it. Everyone thought it was sweet but it makes me cringe when I watch the DVD!
Z = zzzzz
I was soooo tired after the wedding. We stayed in a nearby city before heading off on honeymoon. Funny story: I don’t drink caffeine so I told the lady at the B&B and Josh jokingly said ‘oh she doesn’t eat wheat or dairy either, she’s so fussy’.  She didn’t realise he was joking and when we arrived she had put loads of wheat free biscuits and things out in my room. I felt so bad!

Happy Anniversary Josh!


  1. Hey, another August bride! Happy anniversary to you both! You looked really stunning, Rachel!

    I like your idea for a guest book. Too much wedding stuff is just relevant on the day and then it gets hidden away somewhere, so having all the well-wishes in a frame is much better!

  2. Happy anniversary! I also really like your guest book idea, as well as the fact that you didn't do certain things "just for the sake of it" - well done!

  3. Such a fun post. My 6 year anniv is coming up this month. I wonder if I can get a post like this together in time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress. That is so beautiful and you look stunning!!! I did the same thing for my guest book. We had a matte in a frame and had people sign it there. I love it.

    I just found my professional pictures on disc the other day, so I may really do this one. I'd have a lot of fun showing off my wedding. I've never done that before.

    Thanks for sharing!! I loved it!

  4. So beautiful! I can see the love and happiness radiate off both of your faces. Happy anniversary! May God bless your marriage!

  5. I love this. You guys have something special :) it's beautiful to see xxx

  6. The music is truly beautiful and gentle and lovely! :] I'm so happy for you both! :] Happy anniversary to you, :D and lots of love. :] xxx

  7. That's my kind of guest book! Mine's hanging in the living room & I love it! :)

    I love the pics & reading about your day!! That last one was too cute! HA!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I love wedding photos, and yours are beautiful. :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! Such a neat peak into your lives!! Beautiful post. Beautiful you.