A very special date...

Last week, to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary Josh took me on a very special date.
I’ve only been waiting eight years for him to take me, but hey that made it even more exciting.
Back in the day before Josh and I really noticed each other our church youth group went on a trip to look round a Missionary Ship which was berthed a couple of hours drive from our home.
Actually, when I say I hadn’t really noticed Josh that’s not really true. In fact round that time I had probably just started noticing that I got butterflies when I was around him, and that he was actually pretty cute.
On that day we shared smiles and a few conversations, but I don’t know if he really noticed me that much.
Later in the day Josh’s family had to leave to get home early. Eager to spend more time with Josh I asked if I could get a lift back with them. No one suspected anything…mwhaha.
As we drove home conversation flowed easily.  I can’t remember what we talked about, but there was one particular moment that has stuck in my mind for several years…
There’s a certain eye-catching  hill that you drive past to get back to Devon from Bridport. It rises out high above the surrounding flat landscape and has several distinctive tall trees on the top. Josh had obviously noticed it before when he had driven passed and called it ‘The Oasis’.
As we drove passed he said “I’m going to take my wife there one day”… Even though no one knew how I felt {probably not even me!} I vividly remember thinking ‘I wish that could be me!’, but knowing that it was probably very unlikely that it could happen.
…well, turns out it wasn’t that unlikely because eight years later Josh took me up that hill as his wife.

It might not seem like much, but it was a special day for us. It was just so strange that somewhere deep inside me I knew I wanted to be Josh’s wife even when we were still teenagers and that we were able to fulfil that promise after so many years.
I could never have imagined the course that our lives would take as we drove home in the back of the car that day, or how happy I would be with Josh now.

It makes me excited as to what will happen in the coming years and how we’ll be able to look back on our life together after many more anniversaries! Let the adventure continue…

and then, she {snapped}


  1. When we drive to Devon I always look out for that hill. We've never been able to count how many trees there are on the top so maybe you could tell me! It sounds as if it was a really nice date.

  2. Awwww... This post is beautiful!
    What a romantic date!
    You're a very lucky girl, Rach! :)
    Beautiful pictures, btw :)
    And... WOW! 4 YEARS?!
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. How very beautiful. Happy anniversary! It's those moments that get us through the tough times. You are guys very cute together. May God bless your marriage in the all the coming years.

  4. Oh, how sweet! And that hill is so neat!

  5. If you think no-one noticed that day you were very much mistaken Rach!!!!!!

  6. Awww, that is so sweet! I love that he said that, you were with him, and he took you up there as his wife!! That's such a sweet story. It looks very beautiful. (I like Jan's comment about no one noticing. HA!)

  7. Sometimes you just know! This is a great story, and what a beautiful place!

  8. This is lovely! I'm so happy you are happy! x