Guest Blogging

Hi lovelies.
Today I’m guest blogging for Chloe over at My New Life as a Housewife. Make sure you head over to her site and say hello!
…and for all those who have popped over from Chloe’s blog – welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I love to ‘meet’ new people and find new blogs so please leave a comment and introduce yourself.
You can find lots of interesting facts about me on my About Me page, but for those that are interesting here is the low down on me and my blog;
·         I’m going to be 25 years old in August
·         I’ve been married to Josh for nearly 4 years
·         We’re both Christians and we try to live our lives in a way that points to God’s goodness and love
·         We live in Wales, UK in a beautiful little town on the west coast, but we’re soon to be moving to Cardiff, the capital of Wales.
·         Josh is going to train to be a Vicar and I’m going to be a domestic goddess until I find a job
·         I have an irrational fear of potato eyes
·         I love the countryside, photography, cooking and being hospitable
·         We both quit our jobs in June and we’re in the middle of our summer of fun, travelling around Britain and having lots of adventures
·         I blog about everything from where we’ve been exploring to what we’re eating for dinner. I hope that you’ll come back and share in our exploits soon!

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  1. Great post over at Chloe's. I'm quite the no-person myself, and it's good to be reminded that yes can be amazing!