Fake Birthday Celebrations

It’s my 25th birthday next week, but as I won’t be with my family then we celebrated early with an afternoon tea party.

I spent most of the day cooking and preparing and we had a feast! So much fun!

In the evening we went bowling. Those of you from Aberystwyth will know how exciting this is…civilisation! We had such a good time. I’m excited that when we move to Cardiff we’ll be able to do things like this more often.

It was a perfect fake birthday!


  1. it was great fun! thank you we all really enjoyed sharing your almost 25 birthday!

  2. Happy fake Birthday! All that scrumptious food! These pics are great.

    P.S.: You have a button now! I'm taking one home with me, if you don't mind...

  3. Happy Birthday! Those food pictures were great! The food looked so yummy, and the pictures themselves were very good too. :)

  4. You made me hungry with those pictures! I love to bowl, it's so much fun. I love the air hockey, it's kind of me and husband's thing. We played air hockey on our first date and if we see a table we have to play. Glad you had a great fake birthday!