Camping in South Wales

After the last time we went to Pembrokeshire my sister saw our photos and decided she really wanted to visit when we went again, so last week we packed up our tents and headed to South Wales.
We stayed on a campsite near St David’s for three nights and had a wonderful time. The first two days were perfect camping weather, and although the last day was a bit overcast and showery it didn’t really stop us from enjoying ourselves.

I love Pembrokeshire, it is so beautiful – especially when the sun is shining.
One of the nights we had some really inconsiderate loud men camped next to us. Even after we asked them to be quiet they carried on messing around and slamming their van door loudly. How can some people be so rude and obnoxious. Uggh! Thankfully they only stayed for one night so I was able to catch up on sleep the next night.

On Friday we headed down to Devon to stay with my parents. My brother and (other) sister and their families are also visiting so I can’t wait to see them! We are having such a wonderful holiday!

and then, she {snapped}


  1. Beautiful pictures as always and a joy to have a snapshot of your holiday and to be able to feel in tough with you. :] So glad you're having fun! I especially love the photos where you can see the rock through the water, and also the grass seeds and sun... so lovely. :] xxxxxxx

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! It makes me wish I was there! Glad you only had one night of the annoying camp-neighbors.

  3. Gorgeous scenery!! And the light in your last photo is stunning!

  4. Love your show off shot! It is fantastic. I could live in this picture! I keep scrollin' up to see it again and again.

  5. I just love the last one, it is like everything in summer:)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Greetings from Finland

  6. Hi! I hope your camping experience will be amazing...The high Camping Lights could make this much enjoyable.