What I'm loving Wednesday

I am loving…sleeping in. I didn’t think it would ever be possible to sleep later than 7.30am but turns out I’ve broken the cycle of waking up early. I don’t want to turn into a sloth but it nice to feel completely rested.
I am loving…that we went to see one of my friends from University on the way back from Skye on Saturday. She (unlike me!) actually used her degree and is working as a ranger near the border of Scotland so we went to look around her reserve and she took us on a badger walk. Even though it was raining we saw one badger! So much fun!
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I am loving…seeing Josh every day all day. When we first booked time off I wondered if spending all our time together might drive us mad, but it is so much fun!  We are laughing LOTS and making tons of memories.
I am loving…seeing Josh’s family. This week we’re in the Lake District staying at Josh’s parent’s Post Office again. We got to go to their church again on Sunday which was great, and we’ve had lots of of chill out time. We even went to the Keswick Convention last night which was fun. The service was recorded and you can listen to it on Radio 4 at 8.10am on Sunday!
What are you loving today?
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  1. These are many things you're loving today!!
    I'm glad you're enjoying this summer so much!
    What's your degree??

  2. Rachel, I adore your blog! I think it's probably my new favorite. I'm grabbing your button for my sidebar so hopefully lots more people find you!

    So excited to follow and get to know you. :)

  3. I'm glad you have gotten to spend time with your husband and make some great memories!!! Enjoy it all!!

  4. I'm really glad you're having lots of fun... very happy for you!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing you two at Dan and Mel's wedding! :)

    - thinking I may have to start this 'What I'm loving Wednesday'... definately makes you look at the positives :)

  5. I love that you get to see Josh every day too! I didn't even know they had something called a badger walk, but that sounds like so much fun! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

  6. ... and Josh's parents' church has been loving having you here!
    Come again soooon!!

    By the way... on the subject of badgers... which we loved, in the abstract, until they started digging up the garden and trying to eat the hens... JS spent A LONG TIME last night staked out in the chapel on 'badger watch'. Suffice it to say they were clearly watching him through their night goggles and waited until he was tucked up in bed before scaling the wall and having a midnight feast!

  7. Hey, glad you liked the walk! I did one at the weekend and we saw 6!