Oxford for the Weekend

This weekend I travelled down to Oxford to celebrate my good friend’s Hen Weekend {for the Americans reading this is the British equivalent to a Bacheorlette party, the women have a hen-do and the men have a stag-do…}
We had such a fun time and I actually enjoyed going to a city. That hardly ever happens!
I travelled down on Friday and stayed with a friend who lives in Oxford who I used to work with. We spontaneously decided to go and see the new Harry Potter film which was VERY exciting for two reasons:
·         I come from a town where there is one cinema with one screen which shows films for a week at a time at 7.30pm every day. It doesn’t really lend itself to spontaneity; but in Oxford we decided to go to the cinema at 8.30pm and by 9pm we were sat in the cinema watching a film we had chosen to see!
·         I reaalllly wanted to see the film but Josh doesn’t like Harry Potter and I wasn’t in Aberystwyth to see it with all my friends so I had resigned myself to having to wait until it was out on DVD {I wasn’t desperate enough to go by myself!}…but instead I got to watch it with people who actually wanted to be there and enjoyed the film! Woot!

On Saturday morning we met up with the other hens in the centre of Oxford. The theme of the day was Alice in Wonderland and so everyone was dressed up. I didn’t have a costume because I’ve been travelling around so had to wear some fluffy bunny ears {not looking forward to those photos on facebook!}
We had a picnic on a boat going down the river in Oxford which was very lovely, and then it was back to the Bride-to-be’s parent’s house where her mum had set out a wonderful tea party for us.

{By the way, I’m sorry these photos are rubbish. Josh dropped our small camera the other day and the screen isn’t working anymore so I can’t tell what I’m taking pictures of!}
I hope that we can go back to visit Oxford when we’re living in Cardiff as it won’t be such a trek to get there. It’s such a beautiful city, even if it was absolutely heaving with people on the Saturday! The architecture it beautiful and there is obviously so much history in every building, as well as some amazing looking tea shops!

Quick Questions
1. Have you seen the new Harry Potter film? What did you think?
2. Have you been to Oxford before?


  1. I always enjoy your pictures. They show so many things that we never see over here! So very pretty!

  2. I'm not much into HP, so I've not seen the movies. I think I was in Oxford when I was 16, so it's been MANY MANY MANY years. I'm not sure I remember much of it, except that it was really pretty. *that's pretty much what any memory is I have of the British Isles* :)

    I have pictures of my friends dressed up in toilet paper dresses from my bridal shower. How funny!

  3. No, I haven't been to Oxford. :(
    But I've heard it's beautiful!
    I liked Harry Potter, but I prefer the previous movie (HP and the Deathly Hallows, Part I).

  4. Thanks so much for explaining the hen-do! I just back from one this last weekend myself. :)

    I sadly somehow missed the Harry Potter craze although a couple of my best friends are pretty obsessed.

    I have visited the U.K. twice and never made it to Oxford. :( Definitely something for the next trip!

  5. Yes and yes! I thought Harry Potter was amazing! I'm obsessed with it and I'm reading the sixth book - the films will never be as good as the books but I think that is generally the case.
    I love Oxford, my brother lives there and I'm going to see him this weekend. It is my dream place to live, but I'd have to marry a very rich man I think!! xx

  6. p.s. love the photos! Miss you guys!

  7. Thanks Rachel - these are the first pictures I've seen of the weekend, I'm glad you took them! x