Oop North

On our third full day in Skye (last Tuesday) we decided to explore some more northerly parts of the Island. There is a road which loops round the Trotternish peninsular in the north so we decided to drive that stopping when things looked interesting.

Our first stop was at the ‘Fairy Glen’ near Uig. This particular glen is filled with weird looking land formations, hills and rocky outcrops, all covered in springy green grass, bracken with woods of gnarled ancient looking trees. It was all formed by the land being disrupted by a series of landslides with the results then smoothed by subsequent glaciation, but it’s not really surprising that legends have built up around this weird looking area over the years.

Later we went for a walk, climbed a big hill and read our books. The weather and the views were stunning!

On the way home we stopped at the Mealt Waterfall, which plunges over 100m down into the sea below.
On the way back to Portree we picked up a hitchhiker (yes, my husband is a nutter) who thankfully didn’t turn out to be a murderer but was a local who was able to tell us lots of interesting facts about Skye. We stopped in Portree to buy souvenirs and have fish and chips.
Then it was back to cottage to witness another beautiful sunset and watch 24. We watched the entire fifth season while we were away. LOVE IT. Does anyone else like 24? Can’t wait to watch season 6!

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  1. I think these may be the most beautiful pictures you've posted so far! WOW. It all looks so green and lush. It also looks like you're completely alone out there. How fun to get a local in your car to be your own personal tour guide! :)
    (I've never watched 24, but it sure is popular. We don't have TV, so I've never bothered to look for it online. It sounds addicting) :)