Lakes and House Churches

On Friday we left Aberystwyth for the first leg of our summer of fun. We had a good journey up to Josh’s parents who own a post office and shop in a little village in the Lake District.

We’ve had a really lovely couple of days in glorious weather enjoying the Lake District. It is so beautiful around here.
Today we went to Josh’s parents’ church. It’s a house church called Outreach House. We weren’t sure what to expect but it was actually really lovely. First of all we had a service in the house where we sang and then shared what we got out of the set passage. We then had communion in a chapel built in the (amazing) garden, before enjoying a delicious feast out in the sun. Everyone was very welcoming and it had a real family feeling.

My parents happen to be on holiday in the Lake District too at the moment so we met up with them this afternoon.
Tomorrow morning we set off for our hostel in Scotland. I’m not sure when I’ll have internet while we’re up in Scotland but I’ll try and update you when I can!


  1. Yes! Church family and food...

  2. That stone house is beautiful! And the food spread looks yummy :)