Knoydart Part 1

Going to Knoydart was always a bit of a random extravagance for us. The only reason we even found out about it was because Josh got it into his head he wanted to go to the most remote pub in Britain. He Googled it and it turned out to the Old Forge on the Knoydart peninsular.

It’s hardly any distance from Skye so it worked out really well travelling wise, and I’m SO glad that we decided to make the journey. It has definitely been one of the highlights of our trip and we made some real life memories.
We had to leave Glencoe hostel fairly early to reach Mallaig for 11.15am in order to catch the ferry which would take 35mins to cross to the peninsular. The weather was cloudy and misty but as we headed towards Inverie (the village we were staying at) the sun started shining, and it stayed nice most of the time we were there.

We went for a short walk and then settled into our B&B. I’ve already written a bit about it earlier this week, but it was SO NICE, especially after sharing a room for the first part of the week. The room was really comfortable and had an amazing view. We also had the run of the downstairs of the house to use the lounge area and the kitchen. I really liked that aspect as I sometimes feel a bit awkward in B&Bs when you feel like you have to stay in your room.

In the afternoon we went for a walk up into the mountains. The views were spectacular and it was so quiet. We even saw our first wild Red Deer of the trip.

For our evening meal we fulfilled Josh’s wish of going to the most remote pub in Britain. The food is AMAZING. It was packed with locals and lots of people who had come in on yachts for the evening; there was a great atmosphere.  

Stay tuned for Knoydart part 2….


  1. Sounds amazing. Glad it was such a good experience!

  2. Ooh, this has got my holiday senses tingling...must not show my boyfriend...that food looks divine!