Hello from the middle of nowhere

Hello from the Knoydart Peninsular in Scotland!

We arrived here by boat this morning and I'm so glad we came! I'm on the computer at the B&B so I can't upload any photos but please do look it up on Google if you can. 
The peninsular isn't accessible by road so you either have to walk 20 miles over the mountains or catch a boat.  

It is stunning here. Nothing but mountains and water and sky. As it is so remote I worried that it would feel feel too barren and desolate but actually everything is green and lush and beautiful and it doesn't seem barren at all. AND the sun has been shining today! The community is warm and welcoming and we've just had a lovely meal in the local pub.
It is SO quiet. It's amazing. Earlier we climbed into the mountains and we stopped to listen. I haven't 'heard' silence like that for a very long time!

Our B&B is GREAT. I'm especially appreciating it after sharing a bunk house with other people for three days! Such bliss to have our own comfy room with a private bathroom with endless hot water (and a hot tub!). I'm looking forward to a long sleep tonight as I was woken up at 5am by noisy people drying their hair this morning! It's an amazing place, I have so many photos to share!

Anyway, I'll leave you there. Just to let you know that we're alive and having a WONDERFUL time.

We're moving onto Skye on Saturday. I'll update you then.

Love from Rachel 


  1. I just did some Googling, and if you're staying at The Gathering, WOW! I wanna go there!! It looks like a perfect place for my 'get-away-from -everyone' husband to live. :) I'd gladly follow him there. So glad you're having a great time. This will be a summer you'll remember forever!

  2. It sounds like you're having a great time!!! I'm so glad for you!!
    Enjoy your summer!!
    Can't wait to see the pictures!!