Elgol, boat trips and sunshine

I’m a few days behind writing up what we have done on holiday, but I need to catch up before I forget what we have done!
On Monday we got up late after watching the Otter on Sunday evening. The weather was misty but we decided to head to Elgol (the purple tag). I’ve been there once before and remembered that it was beautiful.

When we arrived the weather cleared and we rather spontaneously decided to take a boat trip out to the Island of Canna (the pink dot on the map). We had been talking about Canna before we arrived in Scotland because apparently you can get a grant from the National Trust for Scotland to go and live there as they are trying to maintain a healthy population on the island. I was interested to see what it would be like.
I love travelling by RIB. I get seasick, but it doesn’t seem to affect me when we’re skimming across the waves in one of these. So much fun! {I’ve also started using those seabands that are meant to press on the pressure points in your arms. Josh reckons they’re just a placebo, but I think they’re amazing. Has anyone else used them?}

It took us about an hour to reach Canna and we stopped off to look at all the usual seabirds.
We also saw a Sea Eagle which was AMAZING. Love! I couldn’t get a very good photo but you can see the white tail feathers.
We then had a short time to land on Canna. We didn’t get to see much of the Island, but we saw it in excellent weather. It must feel very remote in the middle of winter.

It was then back to the boat to head back to Skye, via Rum. We saw seals, some red deer on Rum and some lovely views of Porpoise. I’ve never been on a boat on open sea when the weather was as good as it was on Monday. The water was flat and smooth as silk. So so so beautiful!

When we got back to Skye we decided to make the most of the sunny evening and walk along the coast path.

Although you can’t see it in the photo below there was a pod of about twenty dolphins hunting and playing in the bay below the foot path which we spotted as we were heading back towards the car. We watched them through the binoculars as the sun was going down. Couldn’t have had much more of a perfect day.

Love this place!
{Our cottage}


  1. WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looks so wonderful. A well deserved holiday!! Enjoy. xxx

  2. Gosh this all just look so beautiful! I am taking notes on your trip and saving them up for a future holiday - I've never been to Scotland but you've absolutely convinced me I should!