BBQ in the rain

One of the things I love most about hanging out with Josh’s family is the fun, spontaneous and sometimes random things that we get up to together.
When Josh and I were going out I often used to tag along with their family when they went on night walks to see owls or bats or sea swimming in the moonlight. It was so much fun!

This week Josh’s mum suggested we go out for a BBQ up on one of the hills behind their house and even though it was raining heavily that would never stop Josh’s family from doing something random!

We walked up to a stone building called The Hospice which provided a bit of shelter from the rain, and when we finally got the BBQ lit we enjoyed (slightly soggy) burgers and sausages. For the most part it was misty, but occasionally the clouds would lift to we could see the amazing views.

Love making random memories like this!

Quick Questions
1. Have you had any BBQs yet this year?
2. What's the most random thing you've done recently?


  1. I would love to be known for the random adventured I have. So I need to start having random adventures.

  2. We have already had some BBQs this year, but no random things... yet.

  3. Ah it sounds and looks like so much fun! :] I have had one BBQ this year so far, but it was a sunny day. :]

    Hmm... random thing I have done recently... Well, I got in trouble for this one, but, I got really curious and stapled my leg to see what it would feel like and look like.... I'm not allowed to do it again, mam wasn't very impressed. :S it was really fascinating though. xx

  4. looks like a fun time! : )