The Adventure Continues

Those who have been following our trip round the UK will know that we have spent some time in Scotland and for the last week we have been in the Lake District.
Just an update on our movements for the next couple of weeks:

Today I am being picked up by one of my friends and we’re driving to Oxford to go to a friend’s hen-do for the weekend.
I’ll be travelling back home to Aberystwyth on Sunday night and meeting my sister who is coming to stay with us. Dependant on the weather we’ll hopefully be going camping in Pembrokeshire and then driving her home to Devon.
We’ll then be visiting my parents in Devon and will hopefully be travelling around a bit to visit various friends and family down in the South.
Phew…it tires me out just looking at this itinerary!
I’ll be off internet for the next few days but I’ll try and update when I can.


  1. Thanks for commenting and finding my blog! :) Sounds like you have some fun travling going on! Hope you enjoy! :)

  2. Has your blogger changed it's posting format? Mine has :( Its really annoying! :(

  3. I'm so excited to see all your pictures! Oh, and please tell me...what's a "hen-do"? I'm so curious! )