What I'm Loving Wednesday

I’m loving that you guys were all so supportive of my interviews last week. Thank you so much for all your kind messages, well wishes and prayers!
I wasn’t planning on applying for any jobs until we moved down to Cardiff but these two seemed to just fall into my lap. One was at the college where Josh will be in September, and one was in a bookshop on a busy hospital concourse.
I heard back on Friday that I hadn’t got the bookshop job, but I was actually really relieved as I was pretty sure it wouldn’t be right for me and I was dreading having to make a decision if they had wanted me.
I haven’t heard back from the college yet, but they said they would let us know on Monday so I’m assuming that’s a “no”.
I’m more disappointed about the college as it would have been a nice opportunity for me to share in more of Josh’s college experience, and for me to get to know the people he’s going to be spending the next three years with.
However, I’m just so aware of God’s hand on us at the moment that I’m not too worried because I know that he’ll guide us to the right thing in his timing, but part of me is still frustrated because I know I would have been really good at the job! I guess my ego is a little bruised!
I’m also loving that we got the house that we wanted in Cardiff!
It’s got two reception rooms, a nice big kitchen, two bedrooms and a big bathroom. It’s also got a GARDEN with a veg patch! Eeeeeek!
I’m so excited that we’re going to have space to have people to visit. Since we’ve been married we’ve never had a spare room and so it’s been difficult to ask people to stay.
I’m also excited that it’s not furnished so for the first time ever I will get to furnish my home how I want. I feel that IKEA vouchers will be featuring highly on my birthday list this year!
And finally, I’m loving (I think!) that I only have today and Friday left at work before I’m officially unemployed. Our summer of fun is only a few days away! Such a weird feeling!
What are you loving today?
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  1. WOW!
    This post is soooo exciting! Lots of big news!!
    I'm sure you'll get the perfect job for you!
    And will you post pictures of your new house???

  2. I'm loving that you got the house you wanted! ;o) It sounds wonderful!

  3. What an inspiration being reminded of how to truly trust God! I'm so happy about y'all's house!!!! Have fun decorating!

  4. Holy WOW! YAY for your answered prayers in the housing department. That's so wonderful! Now that you have a place for me to stay, I'll be packing my bags and hopping on the next plane over the pond. You know that's the only thing that was holding me back, right? HA! Don't I wish. I'm loving all your posts recently. I love to see how God works in other people's lives and them being able to recognize it. I need to look around more in my life and see how He's moving.

  5. YAY! I shall have to come visit you both. I miss you both loads and it's been waaayyy too long! Exciting times ahead! xxx

  6. SO many good things! IKEA is the BEST!