What I'm loving Wednesday

I’m loving all the amazing recipes I’ve been trying recently. So simple, so quick but so tasty. Stay tuned for my 30 minute meals idea.

I’m loving watching Springwatch. I’m especially loving the webcams. I’ve had the heron cam on in the background at work today and it’s so relaxing to have the sound of bird-song and the wind blowing through the trees. It’s almost like having my desk in the middle of Ynys-Hir!
Apparently the cams are even open to international viewers – why not check them out?

I’m loving that there’s going to be a give-away round these parts on FRIDAY...and it’s open to everyone. Make sure you check back then!

I’m loving that tomorrow is my day off we’re going to try and tick something else off our bucket list. Excited!

and of course, I’m loving that crazy man of mine.

What are you loving today?

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  1. ya'll are so cute!! can't wait to read these recipes! :)

  2. Those food pictures look so delicious!!!

  3. I'm lovin' the picture of you two. What a pretty picture! Hmmmmm, I'm loving that the weather just went from the low 90's the last few days to the low 80's/high 70's today. I love to turn off our air conditioner and let the outside in! (oh, I just realized that you'd have to do math to figure out my temperatures. Just assume that it used to be HORRIBLY hot, hazy and humid, and now it's wonderful!) :)

  4. I'm loving that it's already Thursday now and just one day separates me from the weekend! :o)

  5. Ooooh... where are you finding your recipes?? I desperately need some new ones. My menus are starting to look the same every week and that's pretty boring.

    PS... I hate cooking! :)