Raindrops on Roses...

Today is my last day in the office.  Here are a few of my favourite things from the last four years…
·   Working with my best friends and being part of a team which is focussed on something higher than ourselves.  We look out for each other and if that means helping each other out out of hours then so-be-it
·    Conversations at our work stations throughout the day
·    Laughing so hard it’s hard to answer the phone in a professional manner
·    Tea breaks where we chat about everything from theology to paint colours
·    Meeting people from across the world from all walks of life. You never know what to be expected of you when you get up in the morning

·    Having to rely on God completely and seeing him work again and again
·    Being in a meeting and having tasks fired at you from all directions, formulating them into a list and then ticking them off
·    Lists, lists, lists…did I mention LISTS?
·    The bookshop
·    Clearing my email inbox after a hectic day
·    Seeing the look of relief on someone’s face when you solve a problem for them
·    Working in a place where I can listen to sermons and read the bible at my desk
This is only a tiny section of things I have loved. My time here has shaped who I am and I have grown so much in the last four years.  I’ll never forget it and I’ll miss it so much.

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