Looking back and looking forward

Just recently I’ve been looking back an awful lot. Things are coming to an end and so it’s natural that we’re reminiscing on the last seven years spent in Aberystwyth.
For the last couple of weeks God has been reminding me of the times during the last ten years that I have been a Christian when I have committed myself to him; times when I’ve consciously said “here I am Lord, please use me”.

One of those times was just before I started working at St Michael’s. I heard a sermon being preached in which the vicar talked about a previous member of staff who not only had done significant work in the life of the church, but had passed it on. The work wasn’t about her, it was about glorifying God, and she left a legacy behind her.
I vividly remember praying as I sat in my pew “please Lord, use me in the same way. I want my time here to be significant”.
By reminding me of these instances right at the time when I’m looking back on my time here in Aberystwyth it’s as if God is saying “look how I have answered those prayers. Look what I can do when you are willing”.

If you had told me, as I sat in my pew praying that prayer that less than a year later we would begin setting up a project to help drunk people and that we would work with the council and the police and give presentations to hundreds of people and help hundreds more I would have probably laughed in your face. It just wasn’t even on the radar.
But God…
God had a plan and he used us because we were willing. So many people have been so lovely and complimentary of our work in Aberystwyth recently, but I don’t really feel like I’ve done that much. We’ve just taken some of the opportunities that God has given us, and he’s multiplied that work for his glory. Sometimes things have been hard, sometimes it’s been a slog and nothing seems to have gone right. But looking back we can see exactly how God was working.
A couple of weekends ago was Pentecost when, as a church we celebrate the birthday of the first church and ask once again for God to fill us with his Holy Spirit. The preacher challenged us to ask God to use us in the future and be ready for the things he has in store for us.

It all clicked into place. God was reminding me of the ways he had used my prayers in the past to get me ready for me to commit myself once again to his work for the next step of our lives.
Sometimes I view our time at college as a means to an end; something just to get through…but I know from experience that if we go into it with an open attitude, ready to listen to God and do his will that he will use us once again for his glory.
…and it makes me very, very excited about the future.
Quick Questions
1. Have you ever seen God use you in ways you didn’t expect?
2. Are you ready and willing to listen to God when he tells you what to do?


  1. I love this blog! It's so poignant.

    I think God is really challenging me to give myself to His purpose. I really don't like my job and feel pretty low about it, but God is almighty and it is at our weakest that He is strongest. I hope God uses me powerfully even when I feel so weak.

    I hope God uses you and Josh powerfully in the next stage of your lives! Through God nothing is impossible.

    I definitely think God is saying "Well done good and faithful Servant" for what you have done in Aber :).

  2. I love this post. I love it. I hope I'm ready and willing, but I do feel like I have things holding me back to fully allowing God to move in my life. I need to work on that! :)