Bucket List #6: achieved

I love the fact that Josh and I have been able to make so many special Aberystwyth memories in the last few weeks. One particular evening from last week will stay with me for a long time; it was bitter-sweet in many ways because it contained so many of things that I’m going to miss most…

·      Spontaneous trips to the beach

·      Fish and Chips by the waves
·      The amazing sunsets

·      …and these two. Tom and Naomi are some of our best friends in Aber. It makes my heart sad that we’re not going to be able to impulsively meet for a games evenings or afternoons of fun anymore.
You might remember that one of our bucket list items was to have a fire on the beach, and so as the sun set we gathered up some scraps of wood and made a fire. It wasn’t very successful (probably because the boys thought it would burn better if you put wine on it – turns out it doesn’t) so we hijacked someone else’s fire further up the beach when they left!

To top it all off we saw a dolphin skimming across the sea, turned golden by the setting sun.
Josh and Rachel’s Aberystwyth Bucket List
1. Watch the sun rise from Pendinas {the hill above the town}
2. See the submerged forest in Borth
3. Visit Soar y Mynydd
4. Buy a love spoon
5. Walk from Llanfair Clydogau to Tregaron
6. Have a bonfire on the beach
7. Have a meal at the
Harbour Master
8. Go dancing with all the gang
9. Visit Strata Florida
10. See Aberystwyth from the sea


  1. I'm glad you're having all these sweet memories and experiences!!
    These pictures are soooo beautiful!!
    I love them!

  2. These photos look great. Like they are straight out of the Boden catalogue! And I'm on about light again: I love the warm golden tones of this evening on the beach!

  3. Great pictures! It looks like you had some amazing times with good friends! :)

  4. Beautiful photos. One of those special days you will long remember.

  5. Who thought that wine would make the fire burn better?! Why not just pour on water next time?

  6. Oh WOW! Those pictures of the sunset/beach/water were breathtaking! You're so talented. The hardest part of moving on to a new season is having to say goodbye. I cry like a baby when I have to say goodbye to friends. I hope you're able to stay in touch and plan visits often enough to keep the friendship strong!! :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful pictures!! I loved them!

  8. love the pictures! looks like so much fun!