And so it begins...

Thanks for sticking around last week while I indulged in a little reminiscing and self-pity.
But that’s over now…the time has finally come; our summer of fun has arrived.
After much planning we can look forward to the next two months…
…forgetting what the future holds and just focussing on the present…
...forgetting about work and focussing on recharging the batteries…
…forgetting about being in a windowless office and embracing the emptiness of some of the most beautiful places in the UK…
Make sure you come and join us for the fun…starting tomorrow. I have exciting news!


  1. Exciting stuff! It's not long until I'm on summer holiday, and I'm quite excited by it. I love the photo, by the way.

  2. Happy summer to you! I love the photo, too! Balloons are the best!

  3. I can't wait for this exciting news.... :] I look forward immensely. :] xx xxxxxxxxxx

  4. That picture is great!!
    So colorful!
    Love balloons, btw! haha
    Happy summer! Hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy every minute of these two months!