What I'm Loving Wednesday

I’m loving that I’ve finally perfected my perfect chocolate muffin recipe. I love chocolate muffins which are bursting with chocolate pieces, but this week I discovered if you add Thorntons Toffee Choco balls {my favourite ever chocolate treat} it makes them super amazing. Yummmm.

I’m loving that I have a day off tomorrow as I haven’t had a proper day off for two weeks. We’re going to sleep and then hope to tick some more things off our bucket list.
I’m loving that I get to chill out with my hubby tonight, drink Southern Comfort and coke and watch  Wall Street. Has anyone else seen it?
And…of course, I love my sweet hubby...

{Oops, where did this photo come from?!}
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  1. Those muffins sound amazing!

  2. I like the picture of your "husband". That was too cute!

  3. Those muffins look so yummy!

  4. I'll have to research what those chocolate treats are. I wonder if they're like Whoppers. I would love your recipe for the muffins. I'm sure there's somewhere online to convert measurements for me. :) (I'll put in all the hard work necessary to get really yummy chocolate treats) :)

  5. Those chocolate muffins look delicious! Yay for days off! : )

  6. That picture cracks me up! hahaha too funny!!
    Those chocolate muffins look DELICIOUS!!
    Will you post the recipe?