Sunday Joy

For this week’s Sunday Joy I wanted to share a small story of God’s faithfulness from last night’s NightLight*.
During our prayer time before we started patrolling the streets I asked God to challenge my faith in him once again.
Soon after we left the base a girl called over to us to ask us for help. She was visiting with friends from Birmingham, but she had been refused entry to a club because she was only 17. Instead of finding somewhere else to go all her friends had left her and gone into the club anyway. She wanted to get back to the caravan park they were staying at but didn’t have enough money for a taxi, and so she was all alone in an unfamiliar town.
As a general rule we don’t give out money on NightLight, but this girl was sober and seemed in genuine need. However – we didn’t have any money and she needed £10. We told her that we’d look out for her later and that we’d try and sort something out.
We then walked down the prom for a couple of minutes and spoke to a man who was walking home. When he heard what we were doing he insisted on giving us a donation. We don’t normally take donations but it’s hard to say no to an insistent drunk person! …and the amount he donated?
You guessed it – ten pounds!
We were able to turn back straight away and organise a taxi for the girl to get home safely. We hadn’t even really had time to pray for God’s provision but he already had it all in hand and put us in the right place at the right time.
Thank you God that you are always watching over us and care about all the small details of our lives, as well as the big things.
*{For new followers – Nightlight is a project run by the churches in the town which organises volunteers to patrol the streets on a Saturday to make sure that people out drinking aren’t getting themselves into vulnerable positions}


  1. This has made me smile - Thanks Rachel!

  2. This is a great project! I do often worry when I see groups of teenage girls out late at night, hoping that they will all look out for each other.

  3. :] WONDERFUL! :] Oh phew. poor lass... glad you could get her home safe, what a nightmare... God is good. xxxxxxxxx