Day off at Coed Cwm Cletwr

This week our day-off didn’t start well because Josh ran over a dog.

Yes you did read that right.

My husband RAN OVER A DOG.

To be fair there was nothing he could have done because it ran out of a concealed exit and straight at the car. We talked to the owner and the dog seemed fine but it was still a shock! The day could only get better from there!

And I’m pleased to say that it did! After a cold wet week the day dawned bright and sunny so we drove up into the woods to Coed Cwm Cletwr and went for a lovely walk. If you’re in the area I would definitely recommend a visit. It’s an isolated wooded valley, typical of West Wales with a beautiful river running through the middle of it. The whole place was buzzing with life and Josh was in insect heaven.

Common Heath - check out those antenna!

So often life is busy and stressful and full of mundane things, but sometimes you just get a chance to kick back and let all your responsibilities slip away for a while. Yesterday was such a time. We can across this amazing rope swing in the middle of nowhere and Josh and I just hung out there for ages laughing, chatting and messing around. It was perfect.

We then headed off to Ynys-hir to check out what was happening with Spring Watch. The show starts onthe 30th May and it was really busy compared to normal. I managed to snap this {terrible} photo of the production village as we drove past, as the security man glared at me!

4pm brought the moment I had been waiting for all day and we jumped back into the car and headed off to tick off one more thing from our Aberystwyth Bucket List.
Stay tuned for more on that soon…

Here's a clue:


  1. Oh dear! I 'm glad to hear the dog was okay! Hope Josh is, too! I really like the picture of the two bugs on the leaf. But the whole day looks to have been beautiful.

  2. I'm pretty sure I ran over a dog before. I think it was a chihuauhua. It might have been a large squirrel though?

  3. I bet y'all were more in shock by running over the dog than the dog was!!!

  4. My jaw dropped when I read that your hubby ran over a dog! Glad it's okay. And is there such a thing as being in insect heaven? I think not!!! :) I have no idea what your clue is, so I look forward to reading your bucket list post soon. Have a great weekend!

  5. ... I think I know what it is!!

  6. Love this. :] xx I am happy for you as I see these things, it's nice. Also the rope swing discovery.. just perfect. xx