Blogger vs Wordpress: first impressions

It has been a week since I moved my blog over from Wordpress to Blogger. I had been thinking of the move for a while but I didn’t want to lose all my posts from the last three years. One night while searching Google I realised that there was a way that I could import all my blog posts into Blogger and so rather spontaneously started creating my new blog!
Here are my first impressions of Blogger vs Wordpress.

Pros of Blogger
1) Wordpress has a very limited set of templates available and the amount of editing you can do to your page is minimal. Blogger on the other hand is very simple to change and make personal. Within thirty minutes of starting my blogger page I was happier with it than I ever have been with my Wordpress site. This is one of the main reasons that I changed my blog over to Blogger and I haven’t been disappointed with the results.

2) The widgets/gadgets available on both sites are pretty comparable, but I especially love the ‘Blogs I read’ list {on the right} and the ‘You might also like’ bar at the bottom of every post which are not available on Wordpress.
I also like that you can have adverts on Blogger. I don’t expect to make any money from it really but at least the option is there. I’m blogging anyway so I might as well make some dosh if I can.

3) Quick commenting is available on both Wordpress and Blogger. If you’re signed in, and you’re on another blog hosted by the same site it’s much easier to leave a comment as you don’t have to type in your name and email address each time. The majority of blogs I read are on Blogger so this has saved me a significant amount of time.

Cons of Blogger
1) At the beginning of this week I was despairing at the way new posts were formatted on Blogger. I couldn’t paste in from Word, inserted photos appeared at the top of the page and had to be dragged into position and the formatting was all over the place.
Thankfully, after a bit of Google searching I managed to work out how to turn on the ‘updated editor’ which makes it much easier and quicker to write posts.
It’s still not as good as Wordpress, but I think I just need a bit more practice.

2)  The one massive draw back of using Blogger over Wordpress is its stats. The way it displays reader numbers is no where near as good as the way Wordpress does it. I can’t work out how to set it so it doesn’t count my own page views either {I don’t understand cookies!} which is frustrating.  
I also assumed that it would be easy to encourage my readers from Wordpress to switch over to Blogger. Apparently it’s not because I’ve lost a lot of my readers.
To be honest this doesn’t really matter as long as my friends and family are still reading – that’s why I set the blog up in the first place – but it still strokes your ego when your reader numbers go up!

3) Someone somewhere must have made a mammoth error this week because Blogger was down for over 24 hours and I lost two of my posts. It all came back eventually but in the three years I blogged at Wordpress we never had anything similar happen.
Maybe it was just unfortunate that it happened only a couple of days after I moved over, but I hope that it won’t be a regular occurrence.

At the end of the day, if the people I care about can access my blog and read what we’ve been up to and I can keep a record of our escapades then I’m happy and it’s largely irrelevant which host I use. I’m mostly happy with my change to Blogger and hope to settle in a bit more in the coming weeks.

Quick Questions
1. What’s your favourite part about the new blog?
2. Have you got any formatting tips for Blogger? Especially when posting photos?
3. How do you turn off your own page views on the stats page?!


  1. If you go onto the stats page, underneath your daily numbers is a link that says "Don't count my page views" Then there are two radio buttons that allow you to count or not count your own page views for a specific computer. If you use a different computer, you'll have to do it for that one as well. I do agree that wordpress did it better. The stats feature is relatively new on Blogger, so I'm hoping it will get better with time.

  2. I've been blogging for 2 1/2 yrs with blogger and this last week was the first time I've encountered such a mess up on their part. I really hope it doesn't happen again.

  3. What a time to switch to Blogger, right when they have a major issue like that! If it make syou feel any better, I've been blogging (consistently, anyway) for over two years, and it's the first time Blogger went down that badly.
    This post is interesting to me, because there was a time when I was considering switching to Wordpress - what kept me on Blogger was the community though. Alot of the blogs I follow are on Blogger.
    Thanks for following my blog - I'm enjoying reading yours, and I'm following you too now! :-)

  4. When I first started blogging, I used Statcounter.com to keep track of my stats. Now that Blogger has a stat page, I don't check my stats through them as much anymore. But it's free, and it has some good information. (it will be helpful to have this info either through blogger or statcounter if you get into advertising I guess)
    I still get a bit of a smile every time your new blog comes up. I think, "Oh, what's this? I don't know this cute blog!" And then I remember it's yours. :) I like the whole look of it.

  5. I saw you were a new follower of my blog so I decided to come on over and visit. And I know I'll be back!!! Me being from the Southern United States, I find it really interesting learning about other countries and what it means to serve the Lord there. And just to live there! Thanks for following me! Take care!

  6. Hi Rachel.

    1) I like the photo tabs in the sidebar!

    2) This is the main website I use for tips on Blogger formatting:


    It's excellent! The rest, I just Google.

    3)Not sure if you still need this advice, but this is how you turn off your own page views:

    When you are on your stats page click the 'Overview' tab. Right next to the graph, there is a list of page view stats, and at the bottom of that, click the 'Track Your Own Page Views' link, it should then give you the option not to track them any longer. I think you have to do this in each browser and on each PC you might be using.

    Have a nice day!

  7. Well, it seems other bloggers already helped you ;)
    I love blogger... I would never go back to Wordpress.

  8. I've enjoyed reading some of your blog and will be back!

    Thanks for following my blog!