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A little late this week girls – sorry. We were in Cardiff all day yesterday…post to follow about that.

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A Woman After God's Own Heart: Chapter 14 "A Heart That Watches Over the Home."

We ended our last lesson by memorizing Proverbs 31:27. Can you write it out from memory here as we begin to unpack it's riches?
“She watches over the affairs of her household. She does not eat the bread of idleness.”

What does Psalm 23:3 say about God's watchcare over your "ways" or "paths" or "tracks"?
“He guides me in paths of righteousness”

Like the Lord, our Shepherd, a homemaker after God's own heart carefully notices the patterns of her home life, the general comings and goings, the habits and activities of the people at home. Would you say that you are "watching" well over your loved ones and are aware of their "ways"? Why or Why Not?

I love being in my home, and working on my home but I guess I don’t really see myself as working ‘in it’ at the moment. It’s more like damage control when I get home from the office! Things seem to be running smoothly at the moment so I guess that I am watching over things okay.

One thing I am really working on at the moment {as mentioned in the last chapter} is to try to make our home a haven for Josh. That desire has really motivated me to make sure I get things done before he’s home rather than reading a book and ‘leaving it for another day’.
If visitors were coming around then I would prioritise making sure things were tidy and that food was ready, and yet when my husband comes home I often think that it doesn’t matter so much; I want to impress him and make him happy rather than just let him walk in to a bomb site.

This means tackling procrastination. When coming home tired after work it’s easy just to collapse in front of the computer – and a whole evening is wasted before I’ve even noticed.
It doesn’t always work but I have been trying to make sure I do things first and then when they are done I can relax.

Another important thing I can do is make a list. I’m an administrator through and through and I simply cannot sit and ignore a list of things that need to be done. I MUST TICK THINGS OFF!!! {*cough* Obsessive *cough*}

Yes, But How? -- To work out your watching and working, write out again Proverbs 14:1. Let's look at some ways to follow through on God's design for us as home-builders who watch over the place and the people at home and do the work that brings God's plan to life.

“The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down”

-- Step 1 :: Understand that this role as helper and guard is God's plan for you. This is a good place to consider the word "virtuous" (Proverbs 31:10). What were the components of its definition as stated on page 169?

Moral strength, strength of character and physical ability or industriousness

How does God's calling to be a "virtuous" woman help you to understand and embrace your God-given role as a helper to those in your home and a guard over your home?

When I think of a ‘home maker’ I normally think of the industriousness side and leave out the moral strength bit.
However it is so important that I start making sure that I’m making my home a Godly place. I was particularly challenged by step 2 and making sure we pray about the running of our homes. I love building a home but I so often forget to involve God in what sometimes seems ‘mundane’.
All these verses completely switch the priority of work in the home from mundane to super important!

-- Step 3 :: Eliminate idleness :: Can you think of three real ways you can eliminate idleness today...and in the week (and weeks!) to come?

1. Pray more about work in the home
2. Prioritise doing things on my to-do list before I sit down to relax
3. Multi-task while watching TV


  1. Great Post! Great list to eliminate idleness too :)

  2. Great post and so true! Eliminating idleness is so hard to do some times, but so important in a house hold