Whatcha Wearing Wednesday

I bought new shoes today.

Do you like?

I’m not very good at buying new clothes but I’ve needed to buy some new pumps for about a year and a half now. My feet get wet whenever it rains at the moment!

However, I’m a bit attached to my old brown pumps. The first time I ever wore them was on one of my first dates with Josh. We were going to the cinema and they rubbed my feet so much that it made them bleed and I could hardly walk on the way home…so Josh carried me :) Happy memories!
Once I broke them in they were super comfy and I wear them most days in the summer.

I hope this pair will be as well used and as well loved.

What about you? Whatcha wearing this Wednesday? Head over to Chloe’s to link up.


  1. does it make me old if my first response is - 'you will still get wet feet in those!' but the are lovely so hey as long as the sun shines you will have dry feet!

  2. Adorable shoes! I recently bought myself some fun flats, too (which I normally don't wear). I wanted to perk myself up in my third trimester blues!

  3. Thanks for participating!!
    You made my day!!
    I tried to leave you a comment before, it said "comments off!. :/
    Lovely shoes, btw!

  4. My first thought was the same as Su's! Wet feet when it rains. I'm really getting old!!

  5. Oh Rachel you're so adorable! :] I very much like those blue ones, they're beautiful, and suit you. :] xxxxxxxxx

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!!! I just found some extra cash in my house, so I'm off to Payless (cheapie shoe store with fun shoes) to find some cute new duds! :)