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This week I’m happy because I’m ON HOLIDAY! And thanks to Will and Kate I only had to take three days off work to get a nine day holiday…whoop!

So far we’ve been having a great time. Josh’s parents and sister were visiting over the weekend and yesterday we went out for lunch with some friends.

Today Josh has been working so I’ve had a deliciously selfish day and have read in bed and gone shopping {shhh…don’t mention the New Years Resolution} and pottered round the house. It has been looovveely.

I’m also happy because I got more exciting post today…and it included CHOCOLATE.

The lovely Erin sent me some sweet Easter treats all the way from Canada.

…including some mini eggs {my absolute fav!}.


I have eaten FAR too much chocolate this afternoon – but that’s what holidays are for? Right?

Thanks for my great Easter package Erin. I loved it!

My Beautiful Disaster

Happy Wednesday :)

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