Resolution update #1

It's February already! How can that be?! 

I thought it would be good to keep a record of how I get along with my New Year resolution, for myself as much as anyone to remember when the year is over.

[If you're a new reader you can read about my resolution here.]

I am really happy to be continuing with this no buy resolution. I haven't kept to it religiously - the 'rules' were never meant to be legalistic - but there have been lots of times where I have thought about buying something and have either

- just told myself that I can't have it or
- actively gone about trying to find it for free or to borrow it.

I have bought a few things this month…

I bought this spatula by accident really. I bought it for a friend for her birthday but then decided I'd bought too much for her. However, I'd needed a new spatula for ages and as it was only £3.50 I kept it!


I caved and bought a packet of Rolos during my Welsh class and I was REALLY ANNOYED afterwards! I know it's only 60p or something but the chocolate just made me feel sluggish and I wished I hadn't given into temptation.

I also caved and bought a Thai curry when I was really tired after work the other day. I LOVE Thai food. It doesn't feel all greasy and full of fat like some other takeaways we have. Josh and I shared one and it only cost £5.99 so I don't feel too bad!

The thing I have appreciated so much about this challenge is my change in mindset. Instead of just impulse buying I am constantly thinking "do I actually need this" or "where could I get this for free?".

One good example is a bible that I wanted to buy a couple of weeks ago. I've decided to read through the bible chronologically in a year and we have a really nice bible in the bookshop for £15.99 which splits it all into day by day readings. I wanted to buy it but after I thought about it I realised that there are reading guides online that give you the references for each day. I have printed it off and now I'm using it with my own bible for free.

I'm going to do a post later in the week about the rest of the stuff that I have managed to get for free this month, so check back for that soon.


  1. I'm not sure how well I've done with my resolutions. Oh well.

    And I don't mind one jot about you stealing my Quick Questions idea.

  2. Very good resolutions! It's funny, I'm going through the same mental processes right now. I totally want to declutter our house, but it's hard because I really am very sentimental about everything I own!!

    But I also am being better about buying things just becaue they're cute or I think I "need" them. Last time Josh and I were at Target I firmly resisted going to the 99 cent section and buying away as I used to do! We didn't take home one thing from the bargain bin, yay!

  3. YAY! you're doing so well!!
    Way to go Rachel! :)