Gwlad, Gwlad!

My day off started badly today when we realised that someone had stolen all the hub-caps off our car AGAIN. I’ve been trying to tell myself all day that it doesn’t really matter and it’s only £30 or so, but I just can’t help being really frustrated. This is the second time we’ve had all our hubcaps taken, and we’ve also had our aerial taken – from a church carpark! Why can’t people have respect for other people’s property.  RAAAGH.

So, where should you go when you’re having a bad day?

We drove up into the Snowdonia National Park for a rather misty walk in the hills above Happy Valley.

We climbed up into the hills to Llyn Barfog (or the Bearded Lake). This area is the setting for a local legend about King Arthur. The story goes that a terrible monster lived in the lake and continually raided local villages. When King Arthur heard about this he went to the lake, threw a huge chain around the monster and killed it.

Apparently at the right time of year the lake is completely covered by water lilies, but even in February it was still a beautiful place to have our dinner.
Homemade lemon drizzle cake and chocolate cookies with a view like this? Lunch can’t get any better!

Then we walked down to the beach to chase some waves.

I never want to take the beauty of Wales for granted! We are very lucky to live here.


  1. Its stunning, your lucky to live near to such spectacular landscape, I would love to live near hills like that!


  2. Yes, you're lucky!!!
    Love the pictures!
    I'm sorry you were stolen!!

  3. Lovely photos Rachel - thanks for sharing <3
    PS I never thanked you directly for the lovely necklace you sent me - I wear it a lot x THANKS x

  4. TWICE!? Your hubcaps were stolen twice?? That's crazy. Does a car really need hubcaps? Just sayin'. :) When I visited Wales, I did get to see Snowdonia, and (I can't really remember it correctly) we went to the top of whatever peak that is and it was SUPER WINDY! loved it. I love that you went to Happy Valley when you were having a bad day.:)

  5. Wales is such a beautiful place. I sometimes think the bleak weather makes it seem even more impressive. Your photographs really capture the scenery well.