Day Six - What's in your bag?

-         wedding cards for the wedding we’re attending this weekend
-         My bible, bible notes and notebook
-         My wallet
-         Pencil case (because I got sick of digging round in the bottom of my bag to find a pen)
-         A random necklace from my bookshop – not sure why that’s there!
-         My diary and cheque book
-         Phone and keys

Can I just take this moment to point out that I have THE COOLEST DIARY EVER this year.
This is an amazing diary for me because

a)      it has a week to view on side of the diary and a page for notes on the other. This is amazing as my old diary used to be filled with scraps of paper and the diary section used to be jumbled and untidy because I'd try to put  my to-do list in with my day-to-day appointments. Now I can keep it all organised in one place

b)      It is thin-line, hardbacked and has a elasticted cord to keep everything together
c)      It has a pocket at the back for all my important pieces of paper so they don't fly everywhere at unhelpful moments
d)      It HAS AN ADDRESS BOOK! Now I can be super organised administrator at all times with people’s addresses and numbers at my fingertips.

 What can I say? I’m an administrator and I love stationary!


  1. what a cute purse. and so organized!

  2. Your diary is so neat and tidy, mine is one big scrawled mess. Maybe I should get one like yours!

  3. just stumbled on your blog and am in LOVE with your diary/planner/notebook thing. can i ask who makes it?!

  4. What! No sweet papers, odd scraps of paper, safety pins (always useful!!) bits of rubbish, dust!! You must have been well brought up!!

  5. Rachel - where did you get that diary - it is a stationery-lover's dream!

  6. Hi Gill,

    Hope you're doing okay? I got the diary from Waterstones. It's Moleskine (www.moleskine.co.uk) and they seem to have a large range in the Aber Waterstones. It's definately the best diary I've ever owned!