Day Four - 7 childhood facts

One/ I still have that teddy 24 years later, although I noticed today he needs emergency surgery on his arms and legs.

Two/ I grew up on Dartmoor, in a little village which had a great sense of community. I spent many hours playing with the dogs at my neighbours’ houses, but I was never allowed one of my own :(

Three/ I had more than my fair share of child-hood illnesses, including german measles, chicken pox, and a burst ear-drum (double OW). I even had scarlet fever which made all my skin peel off!

Four/ I once got a black eye and a bruise all down my face while my brother and I were play fighting. I must have been about 5 and he about 20!

Five/ The first film I ever saw at the cinema was Aladdin. My sister and her boyfriend (or fiancĂ©? Can’t remember!) took me in to the cinema as a surprise saying that we needed to shelter from the rain. I thought watching the film was an added bonus of sheltering – I didn’t really realise they were treating me!!

Six/ I’ve always loved to read and I really appreciate my parents in encouraging me with this.

Seven/ In my imaginary world I was called Penny and I had a band of ‘tomboys’ who would cycle round my garden with me to have adventures!


  1. Ha-Ha! I never know about Penny and the 'Tomboys'!

  2. It sounds like your brother and sister are a lot older than you. Were you a 'surprise' little sister?

  3. Don't worry, I had scarlet fever to but I don't remember my skin peeling off!