Day 10 - Family

One thing about not having a TV is that you end up missing out on news. I surprised myself by being excited about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement, which I only just found out about. I just asked Josh if he knew and he said ‘yes I just didn’t think it was that interesting’. Ugh MEN!

I must be a secret royalist at heart…or I just love a good wedding.

You will have noticed that I’ve failed at my 30 days blogging challenge. I had meetings all day yesterday and I didn’t have any inspiration to blog about music. I’ll try to keep doing it, but I think I need to accept that I’m not an every-day blogger!

Anyway, today I’m meant to post a picture of my family.


I love living in Aberystwyth for so many reasons, but I still find it difficult that we live so far away from family. It takes so long to get out of Wales that it’s pointless trying to get anywhere for a day or weekend. My whole family only tends to get all together for Christmas now.

I CANNOT wait to see them all again this year…only 5 weeks to go!

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  1. Yeah, I haven't been keeping up every day either. I just come back to the days that I missed.