Being the passenger for once

Yesterday was a momentous day because I was able to take this photo from the passenger seat of my car…while it was moving.


And, I was able to do this because this man was in the driving seat.

It was also a momentous day because Josh managed to drive the car for 30 minutes without either of us dying, or either of us filing for divorce.

A momentous day indeed.

Josh hasn’t passed his test yet, but he’s nearly ready. However, rather annoyingly his instructor has decided to retire. How dare he get on with enjoying his life when Josh only needed a couple more lessons before his test!?!?!

Anyway, we figured that it would make more sense for him to be put on our car insurance rather than have to learn with a whole new instructor and car. Let the fun begin!

Also, on another note, is it slightly creepy that I keep taking pictures of other people’s houses and posting them on my blog?

Yes? Oh.

But SERIOUSLY, look how cute this house is.

It’s right at the end of a wooded valley (the same one as the dream house) along a track which is unsuitable for normal vehicles, in its own little glade. I don’t think these photos do it justice – it looks like a fairy house.

Can you blame me for wanting to share our discoveries?!


  1. OOOOoooh!!! I LOVE it!!!
    It's so beautiful!! It's really a dream house!! A house of fairy tales!!

  2. It is very cute. Are you sure it isn't a wendy house?

  3. Haha - no, people do live in it because I had to hide behind bushes to take these photos. Okay...now I do just sound creepy!