I'll be the one hiding underneath the bed

Okay, so you know how I get freaked out A LOT, especially by scary films, and insects, and potato eyes and…okay you get the point – I’m a wimp.

Well, when I read this the other day in BBC Wildlife Magazine it set my skin crawling.

(image from here)

Apparently, scientists in the US have implanted neural stimulators into beetles which means that they can remotely control them. The beetles they use are large enough to carry mini- cameras or even weapons, and can be used individually or in swarms.

Can I hear someone screaming in horror?

Oh sorry – it’s me.

Aside from the use of those poor beetles, does this not freak anyone else out!? Please keep the freakish remote controlled insects for the horror films that I refuse to watch!


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  1. Eew. That's definitely something out of a horror film.

  2. That is seriously scarily evil-sounding ............. must pray/chant/wish harder for PEACE

  3. EWWW!!!! That's so gross! I need to go spray some bug spray now.

  4. That someone screaming in horror was me. It's scary!!
    Can't believe it's true... TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE! TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE!

  5. eww remote controlled beetles, that's so gross! i am imagining enemy nations using them in warfare, which would totally freak me out.

  6. That is sick and pretty frightening. Using nature to spy and hurt people!? Crazy people!

    On a brighter more bizarre note, they have diamond encrusted bugs that models wear... and I think the cockroaches (I think that's what they were) were still alive... brrr

  7. Oh gosh. I so glad my government is spending their money on such freaky technology.

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