Cocktails and Cake

Last night we had a cocktail party to celebrate Josh’s birthday (which was on Thursday). We’ve had a cocktail shaker and martini glasses ever since our wedding in 2007 but have never got round to using them.


So yesterday we produced some tasty treats, made some ice and invited round some of our good friends.


(I must apologise for the awful photos. I wasn’t really concentrating on ISOs or apertures. You get the idea anyway…)

Here are some of our favourite cocktails of the evening:


PCC meeting
Cracked ice, 1 measure of vodka, 1 measure of baileys - topped up with ginger beer.
(I was assured that although the texture was horrible – the taste was nice!)

Nicene Creed
Crushed Ice, 1 measure of vodka, 1 measure sweet martini, topped up with lemonade

The 39 Articles – also known as a Moscow Mule
Shake cracked ice, 2 measures of vodka and juice of a lime in a shaker until a frost forms. Top up with ginger beer.

Baptism by water
Cranberry juice, orange juice topped up by lemonade with cracked ice

Baptism by fire
1 measure vodka, 1 measure dry Martini, Cranberry juice, orange juice topped up by lemonade with cracked ice

The Malcaholic
Ice cubes, measure of Malibu, juice of half a lime, top up with ginger beer.


One of the benefits of having a party is getting to consume all the left overs when everyone has gone home.

Juice anyone?!


  1. that cake looks really good! what kind is it?

  2. Yummy. I am very impressed by your juice selection! :)

  3. It's a mocha cake...chocolate cake and coffee frosting. YUMMMY

  4. YUMMY!! That cake makes my mouth water!