It's getting 'otter round here

Excuse me while I go and do a little dance…


…okay, sorry – I’m back now. Why am I dancing you ask?




Today I escaped the office and it was a perrrrffect day. First I had a massage (I got a voucher as a birthday present and have only just got round to redeeming it) and then we headed off to Ynys Hir for a walk in the clear beautiful mountain air.


We saw a male hen harrier, but I didn’t get a photo of that. (Apparently you’re not meant to ask if it’s the one that looks like a seagull when you’re standing next to hardcore birdwatchers)


We also saw Scaup near Borth, which is pretty rare. The photo is rubbish but it's proof anyway.

(Apparently you’re not meant to call is a Skort when you’re standing next to hardcore birdwatchers) (I don’t know how J puts up with me).


Oh yeah, and then we saw this:


And then I died.


And then when I came back to life I took this photo



See, I told you it was a perfect day :)


  1. Brilliant photos! Takes quite some time to both capture and post them, so thanks for sharing them!
    The location reminds me of home and where the kids will be visiting over half term, so thanks for sharing that too.
    Eclectic mixes are good :-)

  2. Great photos! I appreciate how much time is taken capturing and posting them. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Its also lovely to see a place that reminds me of home and where the kids are going to be spending half term. Just hope the snow holds off long enough to make the treck across the M4....

  3. Phhh...snow. You can't compete with an otter and you know it!

  4. Oh gosh. That sounds like a PERFECT day!

  5. Those photos look like the ones you took in the otter sanctuary!

  6. Great photos- dead envious of the hen harrier and otter!
    (Bit envious of the massage too!!!!!!)

  7. Aww! An otter!!!! I've never seen an otter in my life! well, only in pictures, you know...
    I'm so glad you had such a great day!! I can't believe spring is coming there and here it's raining all day long, and day after day, after day, after day...
    You're a lucky girl! ;)

  8. that is definitely a perfect day :)