Dear Snow

Dear Snow,

Today I am feeling annoyed about you. Actually, to be exact, I’m annoyed about you falling in Britain.
We so rarely meet you over here and so I’m sure you love the excited reception you receive when you decide to make an appearance.

However, call me a scrooge if you want, but British people are DELUDED if they really think that they want you around for a white Christmas. We sing about you, gaze up at the iron grey skys in anticipation and go glassy eyed when we image curling up in front of the fire, unwrapping presents with you falling gently outside.

Haven’t people worked out by now that most of Britain can’t cope with snow. You only have to be around for a matter of hours and we go into meltdown (ha ha, get it…). Couple that with a time that most people are on the move to see family and friends and you have a disaster in the making.

But then I suppose it’s not really your fault. WHY can’t we actually be prepared for you for once? Why does a few centimetres have to equal “travel chaos” or “snow disruption for thousands” as the media are cheerfully declaring today. Other countries manage with you on the ground for months at a time and it just becomes normal.

For now I’ve got my eye on the forecast with anticipation, hoping for clearer weather soon so that all my family will be able to travel safely down to Devon next week so we can have a houseful of fourteen. I can’t wait!

Pretty please can you stop falling for the next few days. If you feel like snowing us in when all my family are down in Devon then that’s fine, but please wait until then!

With love from Rachel


  1. Glad you're back - I was getting bored of reading Black and White Wednesday twice a day. Yes we're keeping an eye on the weather. See you on Saturday.

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