Listen up!

We're going to be live on the radio tomorrow!

Listen out at 8.10am (GMT) on Radio 4...Josh is playing the drums!

BBC Radio 4 92-95FM or listen online here

(and be glad that you don't have to be in your seat by 7.30am after doing NightLight!)


  1. Whoop. I listened! Well, to most of it, I needed a toilet break half way through. It was really weird, because when listening to the radio you don't really have the priviledge of putting faces to the voices, but I could. And the drums were very good. Oh, I miss St Mike's now.

  2. Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog! Mrs Maynard, I order you to blog. The lack of updates is making my life very miserable. Your blog is my link to Aberystwyth!

    Failing that, you could always comment on my blog. Shameless, I know.