Things to do while on holiday: Stuff your face

If I could sum up us on holiday in one word it would be: fat pigs

Okay, that’s two. But you get the gist.


We seemed to spend an uncommon amount of time consuming good food and drink, and it was wonderful!


(Just incase you're wondering, we were holding a living funeral for Anna here, you know - like you do)


Tea and chocolate round the kitchen table, scones and hot chocolates in stately home cafes, milkshakes and cookies in city centre Marks and Spencer’s (civilisation!), picnics by a lake and then straight back to the pub for more cake, anyone?


(Please note that I do not condone eating scones like this. Please consume sensibly, the Devon way. Cream and THEN jam. Thank you.)


But the best place we visited was this…


The pub in the village a mile down the road from our cottage had such a great atmosphere, not to mention 105 different whiskeys for Josh to get excited about.


AND they had very good food.


Yes…I ate this.

Take note family. Remember, I’m the one that used to hate eating food in restaurants?

Not anymore! Bring on the meat.



  1. I would definitely agree that that kind of holiday is the best kind of holiday. I love the typical Dabbs family holidays because we too consume large quantities of cake and tea. Hope you are recovering from all the yummy food :) and that you enjoy the rest of this summery weather we are currently enjoying!

  2. I'm glad you had such a great time! I also think that kind of holiday is the best!! Love eating good food!! Yummmm!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday. I'm also glad you are defending the correct way to eat scones. I do not condone the gratuitous application of cream and jam. Cream then jam, people.

  4. There a photo of some scones I baked on facebook and the argument raged over the appropriate application, so I linked it to your blog, citing you as the expert. Obviously this is a social ill that must be rectified.

  5. Rach,
    you left the fat!! thats the best bit!!
    and going on holiday is all about putting onthe pounds!!
    thought you knew this?!


  6. Sorry Steve but my stomach was about to explode without eating the fat aswell. I should have sent it to you in the post instead of a postcard :)