Strawberries and Cream

One of the things I love about summer is strawberries and cream. Plump, juicy British strawberries and lashings of golden Devonshire clotted cream. Yummy.

strawberry and cream

But when I started going out with Josh something weird happened. I found out that not everyone eats strawberries and cream like my family do. In fact Josh’s family found my strawberry eating habits hilarious.

But what could be better than simply grabbing a strawberry, dipping in a big dollop of thick golden cream, plonking it in some sugar and munching it on down. Mmm…my arteries are furring just thinking about it.

Who wants to spend time chopping up strawberries and sprinkling on sugar? And don’t even get me started on pouring on double cream. It brings me joy that I have converted Josh to my way of eating strawberries and cream…even if the only reason is that it makes less washing up.


So, how do you eat strawberries and cream? Are you a fellow dunker, or are you more civilised in your approach?
Is there anything that you have done for years only to find out that other people find it weird and hilarious?

Happy Saturday!


  1. ...er, how do I break this to you. I...don't, er...like...um...oh, I'll just bite the bullet...cream. I don't like cream, there I've said it now. I understand if you no longer wish to be my friend.

  2. I don't think I've ever eaten strawberries and cream. What a shame.

  3. HI Rachel - I am far too impatient usually to chop them up before eating them! With cream, without cream, whole, chopped, washed, unwashed - but if you are going to chop them up, then marinated in lime juice and a teaspoon of fructose and garnished with a little mint is DELISH - then dollop on the cream X

  4. I'm a dunker, but I've never heard of clotted cream (though your photo makes it look delicious). I've only ever dunked in whipped cream, which is very good too. And now I'm hungry!

  5. I love clotted cream, but you really can't get it ove here in the states. You must have different cows over there in England. We get our milk and cream fresh from a farm from Jersey cows. How do you make clotted cream and from what kind of cows? I'd love to learn how.