Chavs and Chocolate

Yesterday I caught up with two of my good friends from secondary school and we spent a lovely day exploring Plymouth in Devon.

Unfortunately I only keep in proper contact with about four people who I went to school with, so it was great to be able to catch up properly.

We also discovered a café called Chococcino. Oh my goodness. If you have ever read ‘The Chocolate Lovers’ Club’ by Carole Matthews – this place is what I imagine the chocolate heaven café to be like. I wish I lived closer as it would definitely be my local haunt!

Anyway, one of my friends Will is soon leaving Exmouth for a new job in Oxford. It’s an end of an era really because it’s going to be much harder for our little group of friends to all meet up when we’re scattered even further across the country. We’ve always joked that Exmouth is the chav capital of the world and so the cartoon below is just for Will, in celebration of you finally escaping 'the chav city we do not name'!


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  1. I like this post, chav cars are funny! : ) We'll still meet up at Christmas and other special events don't worry, I am glad to be leaving theplacethatcannotbenamed though!