I have got all these great ideas for blog posts but all that comes out when I try to put them into meaningful sentences is gobbledygook.

I am busy, busy, busy. I have worked all week without a day off and I’m tired. I have got to pack my house up and I’m doing NightLight tonight…for the third week in a row.

BUT I am on holiday as of 5.30pm night. FOR 2 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS!!! Horrah!

So at some point I promise I will post about:

  • Sweet Potato fishcakes recipe

  • Our new acquisition

  • Why I am cringing right now

  • My new money making schemes

  • Spiced Chickpea and potato fry up recipe

  • My favourite blogs

Until then I’m going to go back to making 1500 handwritten book tags for the bookshop…blahhhhhhhhh.

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