Josh's birthday fun - day two (Wednesday)



Josh’s birthday began with a frost and until we had got the fire going again it was cold as we hadn’t worked out we needed to pile up the blankets, but it didn’t matter…Waking up to fresh air and the sound of birds and chickens is the best thing evvvver!







Any holiday where you can whack on a headscarf and wellys and go and collect fresh duck eggs in your PJs is a perfect one in my book.

We basically just lazed around the campsite for the entire morning, which was lovely because normally our holidays are action packed and I desperately needed rest!


In the afternoon we scooted across to Newcastle Emlyn (there isn’t much there but it’s pretty) and then went for a walk near Larkhill.








Our yurt was in the woodland the arrow is pointing to.


In the evening I had booked a table at the Figtree which is a very nice restaurant as one of our lovely friends had offered to pay for us to have a meal out which was a real treat and the food was lovely. It was a massive place and we had it all to ourselves for most of the evening (I see a theme emerging here…).






Then it was back to the yurt, to stoke up the fire and snuggle down to sleep.

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