Hilarious Knitting



I love knitting. I find it so relaxing and therapeutic. I also love it because most of the time I’m just giggling away to myself because I am so bad at it!


I’ve recently started a hat which was part of a set I received for Christmas. I’m pretty sure that I have got the right side and the wrong side mixed up because it looks a bit weird. I also have 2 extra stitches but I don’t understand why – I followed the instructions exactly!

What I find most peculiar though is that the pattern tells you to ‘decrease for crown’ for five rows, and ‘cut yarn, leaving a 24” tail’ and then ‘with yarn tail threaded…’

Yes? I have my yarn tail threaded….now what?!?!?!?!

Am I missing something here? Is it some secret knitter’s code for cast off and sew up, or are the instructions just misprinted?

Can someone help me please?!!!




P.S If you like knitting check out SereKnitty. Unlike me, she can actually knit.


  1. I wouldn't worry, my mum always looses stitches, gains stitches, drops stitches but it always works ou fine.

  2. what? it just stops there? prolly meant you to pass the needle through the last 24 stitches and pull tight.. then again....