Mending Skirts

I recently picked up a colourful patchwork skirt from a little boutique in Aberystwyth for a few pounds. It was heavily reduced because the zip was broken but I realised it could quite easily be fixed so snapped it up. I bought a replacement zip for 57p and my mum helped me sew it in today.



I’m not very patient with all things sewing, but I’m trying to get into the make do and mend mentality so am trying to learn some of the basics. I think it’s sad that so few people now have even basic sewing skills, and because clothes are so cheap people will go out and buy a new shirt just because a button has fallen off.


Anyway, my mum is an amazing seamstress and does lots of quilting and crafty things (in fact you can see one of her most recent creations next to the skirt in the picture above) so I’m getting her to teach me the more difficult things that I can’t pick up on my own.

And here is the finished article- reduced by £15 just for a zip which I picked up for 57p! Bargain!

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  1. Lovely skirt - clever girl! I was lucky enough to be taught in school - boring at the time, but very useful.