Early Bird

You would think that driving through Aberystwyth at 4am would be a lot easier than normal wouldn’t you? Well, you would be wrong. We had to avoid yobs yelling and lumbering towards our car (needless to say I accelerated away fairly fast at the point),  people so drunk they just walked out into the road straight in front of us, as well as wildlife running out across the road. Once I got out of Aberystwyth however I enjoyed having an open empty road to practice my rally skills on.


Anyway, you have probably picked up from this that we did decide to go to the dawn chorus morning walk at Ynys Hir. It was really great although I would have enjoyed it more if it has just been Josh and I as everyone seemed a bit quiet and surly. I also managed to stay up for 20 hours without being really tired and grumpy which is very unusual for me.


Our experience in Aberystwyth really bothered me though. I’ve never been out in Aberystwyth that late/early, before the sweepers have arrived to clear away the worst of the debris. There was rubbish absolutely everywhere and people were just lumbering around, out of their mind on drink. I have never really understood the binge drinking culture and it made me sad. There are so many complaints about anti-social behaviour in Aberystwyth. At St Mike’s we have decided that we should stop complaining about it and actually do something to help…more about this project soon!

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