Hello stranger, I propose a challenge

Oh dear, I’ve been rubbish again and haven’t written an entry for yonks. Things have been crazy here. Having said that even though I have been really busy I don’t have much of interest to report…It’s rubbish when your weeks are like that isn’t it?!


Our salsa lesson was the only real point of interest last week. They are still going really well (I think we are better than the video posted below by now!). I had a salsa CD through the post this morning so Josh and I will be practicing properly from now on (no more Ricky Martin!!!!!)


Right…that is all for now, hopefully I will have more of interest to report soon .


OH, one thing to add…I have set myself a challenge…


Apparently we should all be limiting ourselves to 4/5 minute showers in order to cut water consumption, so I’m on a mission this week to find out if this is feasible (because I love my long hot showers to get me going in the morning). I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Regarding the water consumption thing - my garden irrigation system is beginning to take shape. Eventually it will have a timer on so that the veggies can be watered while we're away on holiday - even if it's raining! How great is that.

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